Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I've been a busy little beaver! 
Filling my shop with goodies, visiting family, SPRING CLEANING! And I'll be honest, I've been having a blast! Today I decided to drop by just to leave a couple Freebies! And remind you of the discount you can get just for reading my blog!

Just right-click and save! <3

Cause who doesn't love some JT?!

I actually made this for my sweet girl, but thought I would share with you!

And don't forget to drop by my Etsy Shop xoLoreyDesigns! 

Lots of Love!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pocketful of Plenty GRAND OPENING!

Hello Lovelies!

We've been busy little bees here at the Lyons' House! And today I'd like to show you a tiny bit of why! MY NEW ETSY SHOP! Yayyyy!

And in celebration of my Grand Opening, here's a coupon code for $1 OFF!

Just visit www.etsy.com/shop/pocketfulofplenty anytime before July 31st!!

And also, I have another little gift for you!! 

Cause, come on now.. Who doesn't love a FREEBIE! :D

Just go ahead- right click and save!
I recommend printing it on card stock or photo paper!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Okay... so I know I said a couple weeks, but life here at the Lyons' household has been CRAZY!!
My parents came in or a visit, then the following week my mom came back with my Mema (not to be confused with grandma, she would be happy to inform you) for a few days. And then not long after they got home, Mema fell and broke her hip. She was in the hospital for awhile and then was released to a branch that specializes in physical therapy for 3 weeks. She was just released from there on Friday. So let's just say the past month has been pretty hectic and nerve wracking.

But my beautiful Mema, who would only allow one photo to be taken during this entire process (thanks, medication! ha!), is doing MUCH better! Thank you, Jesus! :D

So now it's almost time to get back to the ole' grind! I have a house that is in SERIOUS need of cleaning, and a list a mile long for us to do this summer! I'm so excited!!

Here's a bit of what you missed!

Exploring Main Street with the Fam!

<- Chocolate covered Marshmallows from the CUTEST chocolate shop!

           Uncle Shi and Baby Z, ->
go ahead and say it with me! Awww!


 Big girl Food!
Lots of it!

More Exploring!!

(Baby Z was napping) 

 Hospital Snacks!

Met Elvis!
But first! Lemme take a Selfie!
Disclaimer! I hate that song!


Camp Out!

Lost TWO teeth!

I'm so glad you stopped by! I can't wait to get on a better schedule! See you soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello World.

It feels like ages since, I've had the time, patience, or will to sit down and try to write an entry!


It's like coming home after a long absence, like waking up in sunshine in your favorite sheets. 

So here's a bit of an update!

We were offered an AMAZING oppurtunity for an adorable house IN Broken Arrow! After praying about it, we excitedly began packing! It's been a weird move but I am SOOOOO in love with my new little home! I can't wait to begin all of my lil projects to make it perfect!

new house, welcome home, home, house, lyons, blog, back, hello, excited,
The New Pad!
Isn't it just adorable! Cannot tell you how much I love living in Broken Arrow! This town in just the cutest thing, but not only that, it feels so peaceful. Not all that rushing, pressure, anxiety... everything is so laid back, calm and peaceful. The people are friendly and yards/houses are clean and inviting! Thank you Jesus!

We also had about 2 weeks straight of the Flu D: Let me tell you: AWFUL. Baby Z and the Hubs were blessed and missed out on the back and forth trade of grossness. But can I just say, even sick my kids are the cutest things ever.

the Princess
The Big Bro
Baby Z
I also had to deal with a broken laptop in the move. :( Which definitely hampered my writing the last few weeks. But the hubby blessed me with this super awesome touch screen! WHAT! That's right, TOUCH SCREEN. Be jealous!

hp, laptop, new, touchscreen, windows 8, intel, awesome, amazing, lyons, welcome home, back at it
My New Best Friend. (don't judge me!)
So, I now have no excuse not to be writing my lil heart out! And that is exactly what I plan on doing! Over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing some back log work, catching up on some things I've been trying to keep track of while I've been AWOL. :D I'm excited to share with you!

I'd also like to throw in a quick plug for PixelScrapper again! Since I've been without a laptop for the past few weeks I haven't been able to do any Scrapping, and thus my tut has been put on hold indefinitely. Hopefully in the next couple of months I'll be able to pick it back up. We'll see! But until then, Marisa over there at PS has TONS of tutorials, how-to's, videos and so much more!!

OKay, now let's talk about what's to come this summer here on Legendary Lyons!
  • A COMPLETE backyard MakeOver! (sets)
  • A Garage-to-Playroom/Craftroom Redesign (series)
  • How-to decorate on the cheap! (series)
  • Dresser Makeover
  • Romantic Master Bedroom Decor on a Budget!
  • TONS of "On the Grill" Recipes!
I cannot wait to get started! Is there anything you would like to see here at LL? We'd LOVE to hear about it, just leave me a lil comment and we'll see what we can do together!

Leaving you with Life:
baby z, zimri, joshua, hubby, husband, daddy, love, video game, gamer, halo 3, xbox 360
Hubs and Baby Z, she wouldn't let him put her down! She loves watching him move the controls! <3

husband and wife, husband, wife, silly, goofy, love, perfect, words, texting, win
It's how we roll.

Elvis, walmart, live at walmart, supercenter, shaking hips, singing, elvis presley
Elvis, alive and shaking it at the Broken Arrow WalMart!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Just a Quickie!

Just to let everyone know, I'm not gone! We were blessed, and able to move into our FAB NEW house in Broken Arrow, and we took it! Unfortunately, I have been off radar for awhile now. And I will be for 2 more weeks! Not to worry, I will try to throw out a few photo posts soon!

Love Love

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How-To: Part 2 of Digi-Scrappin' Awesomeness!

How To, DIY, Beginner's Guide, Digi Scrap, Digital Scrapbooking, Tutorial

Okay, So in our first tutorial I went over the different programs available, and as I am able to try out more, I'll update that so don't forget to check in and see what's new there!

Today we're going to talk about where to find papers and elements!

There are HUNDREDS of Digital Scrapbooking Resources! Kits, as they're called, are priced MUCH lower than their physical cousins. Where an average Paper Kit at say, WalMart is $10 and comes with 20 double sided 12x12 papers, a similar digital kit downloaded from a place like etsy would be about HALF that price the amount of times you use each paper is endless as well as the sizes you need it to be. And then there is the FREEBIES! Now, I myself am hoping to have severa freebies coming out soon! But there are TONSof placesacross the Web you can choose from!
You can find tons of Freebies across Blogland, and at specialized Websites. One such Site is Pixel Scrapper, my all-time FAVE place to be on the Web when it comes to this little obsession of mine! I'll be doing a Post devoted to them VERY soon! And I can't wait! Head on over and give it a peak!
There are tons of tutorial, downloads, Forum Posts...They have it all! 
And to get you started (and because it's Valentine's Day!), here's another Freebie to download!

Free, Freebie, Digi Scrap, Digital Scrapbooking, Paper, Paper Kit, Valentines
Get it HERE!

(P.S.- If anyone knows a better Download option, let me know, I'd really like something simpler for everyone!)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Today is Josh's Birthday, the BIG 3-0! Happy Birthday Baby! Unfortunately, Josh has school and then work (starts his new job today!!) today,so we'll be doing a little family only celebration this weekend :)

So, I decided to through my lot in and compete in a challenge over at PixelScrapper! It's muh first *^_^*

The challenge was for a Polka Dot Overlay Paper Pack soooo....

freebie, scrabooking, digi scrap

Download this Overlay Set FREE HERE!

I also had a little free time and got to playing around with them and ended up with a pretty grey and yellow colored set! (Also proves just how easy it is to color!)

freebie, free, scrabooking, digi scrapbook, free download

Sun & Rain Download FREE HERE! 

Anything to add to this? Questions or Comments? Lemme hear em! <3