Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introductions and Sleeplessness.

You know how when it's 4 o'clock in the morning and you're still awake messing with a blog you've never written in?

This is my life.

Hi, I'm an insomniac!

Have I mentioned my ADHD husband? How about my three beautiful, ACTIVE children? (My son, Janzen, is 6 and my daughters are Crimson, 5, and Zimri,4 months) And as much as I am completely and utterly in love with my family, sometimes.... Sometimes I just need to breathe. I want to lock my self in a bubble of silence, curled with a good book, or a sappy movie... I want to sleep when my body wants to sleep, and I want to do NOTHING! But, that's for those poor single saps, with no children... And no pet either.

As much as I may complain, and as much as I may mean the things I say (about the alone time), I'm actually quite fond of the annoying call of "Mommy!" twenty times in a row, or "Honey? Have you seen my..." It's these little day-to-day things, these things we tend to take for granted, these things we tend to be frustrated by, that make us who we are, that make our family just that, Our Family. And that's cool.

And so, with that in mind I have decided to spend my incredibly sleepless nights writing about what my family is to me, about what Family means to me. About my day-to-day trials, failures, triumphs, parenting woes and joys. About my Amazing husband and all of his little annoying yet somehow adorable tendencies, about his laughter, his life, and his smile. I'll write about my 3 precious babies, about how they grow, and what they say. I'll share all my little crafts, all my made up or borrowed meals. I'll ramble on about the pro's and cons of the different budgeting styles I'm going to be trying this year.I am going to write about the life of an everyday, stay-at-home mother of 26, with her whole future ahead of her.

With that being said, I'm Lorey, and it is incredibly nice to meet you.

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