Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dreaming of a BRIGHT Christmas Pt. 1


Was of course wonderful and fun and full of all kinds of picture-worthy/blog-worthy moments... And I didn't get a single photo! But take my word for it, the RHEMA lights were fabulous! The mall was horrible, driving was hazardous at best, and dinner was baked Tyson Chicken Nuggets and your choice of dipping sauce (stop judging me!). 
But I did get a couple of what we did once we were home, bathed and in jammies!

In our family, on Christmas Eve we open our stockings! 

 That mustache dress though! LOVE!
(Pay no attention to the fact my son is wearing shorts and a fleece shirt. He dresses himself at bedtime.)
Because she's too precious not to add :)

Can you see the desert popcorn* there with my 2 oldest (middle photo), in a ziplock bag looking all sad? I decided last minute to whip that up and then I, OF COURSE, couldn't find my cellophane bags. No worries, I found them the next day when they weren't needed
Right before bed baked cookies (Santa like them fresh, ya know), poured milk, snacked on cookies (Santa only needs a couple, Mom) and then realized: We had no where to put it! Both of my little side tables were covered in decoration, etc. So we did what any normal, cheap family would do! We put a Christmas baby blanket over a tote, Duh! (It turned out SUPER cute for something that sounds so lame, Photo Proof will be provided at the bottom of the page.)

It was after my darling minions were off to bed that the fun actually started! But don't tell them that ;) As soon as I was sure they were asleep I whipped out all the hidden presents and began wrapping! (the wrapping really should have been done already, but I am a mad procrastinator.) In an hour I had transformed my clean living room into some kind of paper and ribbon scrap graveyard. IT WAS GLORIOUS!
To add the confusion of paper products trashing my once pristine carpet the Hubs and I pulled out the construction paper and whipped out a few brightly colored "snowflakes. I add the quotations because I use the term snowflakes extremely loosely. HA! 
We then proceeded to be awesome parents and do this awesomely cool thing I saw on Pintrest, where you take crepe paper an crisscross it over their door, so when they wake up: WHAMMO! 

HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND!??! AND LOOK! Ahh! Wish someone would crepe paper my door, what an awesome and energetic way to start the day!! I ran out of normal tape and was left with it's cheaper, less clear cousin Lol ( Add some green and make it harder to bust through! Or do tons of colors and add balloons for a Birthday! See Here)

After that, it was just some extra little decorating and clean-up before crashing out around 4:30am. Exhausted but feeling accomplished. :D

Yes, that is a University of Oklahoma glass (Boomer!) with a Lighting McQueen plate holding Santa's Snack! The kids informed me that Santa's favorite color is obviously red, so we had to use them. They're so cute sometimes (all the time, when they aren't driving me sweetly insane).

Tomorrow I'll share Pt. 2, Christmas Day!

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