Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Lyons' Family Re-Cap!

Here's a quick recap of the Lyons Family's 2013:

Rang in the New Year with Other Mother (Josh's beautiful mommy, Beth)
Packed up or threw away everything we owned (seriously like 80% went in the trash! FREEEDOMMM!)
Found out we were pregnant with our THIRD!
Celebrated Mother's Day with Other Mother, Mommy, and Aunt Meggie in Branson at Silver Dollar City (where I was not allowed to ride a single ride.)
Temporarily moved in with my Older brother for a month, while job searching/house searching
Vacationed at Lake Taneycomo (Branson, Mo) at my Mommy's (this included ANOTHER trip to Silver Dollar City- where I again rode 0 rides. *Pout*)
Moved into a New Apartment just to discover a Huge amount of our furniture had been ruined while in storage (Seriously, NO living room furniture leftt, and byebye big kid bedroom suit for my kids)
Bought a Futon
Regretted buying a Futon
Had a Baby! Zimri Elisabeth 08/29/13
Began slowly acquiring furniture and learning how to decorate on a TIGHT budget
Had a pretty awful shooting happen downstairs.
Begin search for new place to live.
Celebrated Thanksgiving back home with Meme.
Had an early Christmas at Mommy's with most of my siblings and 9 of the grandkids!
Rang in the New Year in a new city!

So many horrible things happened this last year, but I will be honest with you: God gave us so many life changing blessings this year that every bad thing has been eclipsed by them. In fact, we're on the road to getting new, better furniture.
We have our precious Lil Bit, we live in a new city with tons of awesome things to do with the kids, & we were accepted into RHEMA, which is a dream come true!

So we spent our New Years Eve pretty laid-back, just giving thanks for all the cool stuff that's happened.
Oh, and we made cookies! YUM.

Also, this happened earlier that day, and it is just ridiculously cute.

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