Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Digital Scrap Booking, the Meet & Greet

Okay, so I don't know about all of you: but I have had some Flu Symptoms and it is mega uncool! Grody! So have the minions, but they don't let nothin' slow them down! Which means I'm laying in bed and the house is getting messy and it's buggin me. Hardcore!


But on with the good stuff! I am so IN LOVE with digital scrap booking! I've always adored Scrap Booking, but lately I've found I don't have the resources (or sadly, the craft space- I know! It's seriously awful.), but with doing it online...! I save money on paper, stickers, getting tons of photos printed, etc. And I have to say: It is SO fun!

In a couple of days I'll be starting a  Beginner's Guide to Digital Scrapbooking Series! And I'll also be doing an entire post over my very favorite digi-scrapping community: Pixel Scrapper!

But today we're going to talk about why digital scrapbooking is so great! And why (and how) you should give it a try.

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First of all: Having photos printed (or printing them yourself) can end up being EXTREMELY expensive. Especially when you want to use several photos on just one layout. With digital scrapbooking you can just print once, ONCE, and have it all done, and beautiful! If you want that is- I know some that store their scrapbooks, either online or just on their hard drive. I'll be using mine to print a hardback scrapbook (probably from SnapFish, since they constantly have such amazing deals and coupons) when I have everything I want for the last 6 years (length of my wonderful marriage), and after that I will have one made for each year starting in 2015! That's my goal anyway.

Secondly: You can find anything you want (pages, elements, quotes, etc) all online, and most likely: FREE! Huge selling point for me! Ya darn skippy. So instead of spending up to $20 on a single page, you pay NADA. Mmmmm...I  love the sound of Free <3

Thridly: And this is probably one of my favorite bits- NO MESS! OMGOLLY! No little snips of paper stuck in your hair and to the table, no glitter stuck to your cheek and no scorch marks from the hot glue gun when you JUST KNEW those little gems would be perfect. And something that brings no mess is most def: PRICELESS!

Any questions, or anything you want to hear about when it come to Digi-Scrappin? Let me know, I would LOVE to hear from you!

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