Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To: A Beginner's Guide to Being Digi-Scrappalicious!

WhooHoo! Guess whose all better! that's right my darling little minions! Back at 100% And what did I do to celebrate this awesome occurrence?

I scrubbed toilets.

Seriously though. I need friends. Hey, wanna be pals?

So anywho, the last time we had the pleasure I told you all about my INTENSE and completely normal OBSESSION with Digital Scrapbooking! Well, this is my very first attempt at a Tutorial!

This first installment will be a bit Wordy as I will be explaining the several choices in Programming. Bear with me! 

Tools of the Trade!

Some of the favorites I've come across are Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey and Gimp.

If you don't have one of these and are not wanting to download something new, there are various online solutions that are FREE! The favorite amongst the Scrapper community seems to be: PicMonkey
Now I myself haven't waded into PicMonkey waters (although I reeeally want to when I have a bit more time on my hands), but the lovely Sharon over at Momof6 has a whole gorgeous Tutorial on this very subject! So head on over and take a gander, and don't forget to leave lots of love and let her know who sent ya!
A few quick tips she taught me: 
PicMonkey is FREE! But if you don't mind parting with a few dollars, you unlock even more awesome perks! You can easily create numerous versions of the same page with just a few simple clicks and also-
 Edit your photo, Resize, Add text and more.

Next we have Photoshop, a lot of people already have Photoshop on their computers, but for those of you who don't and would like to try it out they offer a FREE version Here! There are literally hundreds of Photoshop Tutorials across the Web, so hit up YouTube or Pintrest and find one that's right for You!

Next we have Paint Shop Pro which again, I know nothing about personally, other than I've met many other DigiScrappers who choose this as platform of choice. I found This Page which has several FREE trial versions! 

And last today is Gimp, which you can download completely FREE Here! It's a lot like Photo Shop, except you pay NADA! It also happens to be my platform of choice. (They have versions available for both Windows and Mac!)

Your layouts are gunna range up to pretty high in file size so you need to have some storage options at hand.
Burning them onto discs is one option, but as we all know, I prefer FREE! Which means I don't want to pay for any silly discs. ;)
So, I chose to store all of my papers, elements, masks, frames and completed layouts online at Flickr. There are lots of cloud storage options so again, find what's right for you.
There is also the option of printing Books! Which I LOVE and am going to do once I have a completed book for each of the minions. If you decide you want to do this as well, be sure to wait till Shutterfly has a sale, you can get them on the CHEAP!

Okay, so there's the boring stuff- over and done! From here on out it's pretty papers and gorgeous bits of imagination!

Can't wait to scrap with you!

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