Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blessings- They're Rainin' Down!

The last few days have been as sweet as Momma's Homemade Pie. Or as in my case is, Frozen. (Mommy wasn't much  of a baker, lol)

     Monday Morning was the start of Orientation Week at Rhema and tuition is due by Friday, and we had nothing. I mean SQUAT, NADA, ZEEROW. But after praying about it Josh decided to go as a step of faith. Well, that night while Josh was at work, someone walked up and gave him the money! Just like that, no strings attached! Just a gift to help someone he admired out. We couldn't believe it! I literally cried HA!
      The really cool thing is, the guy who blessed us, isn't a believer. In fact, he has some major problems with how we believe. It didn't even matter though, God used him to deliver his blessing anyway! He did it for us, and He'll do it for YOU TOO!

     And then, as if that wasn't wonderful enough, that same person text Josh Tuesday night and offered to pay my tuition as well! Regrettably, we feel that this semester it would be better for me to stay home with the minions and Little Bit (Especially since she's breast feeding, and I have no pump. A TOTAL DRAG!), and just start fresh in September, so we had to refuse the extra money.
I mean, wow! Right? Stupid rad. God has been sending some amazing blessings our way and I say KEEP 'EM COMIN'! lol!

The last few days I've also been trying my hand at designing some Printables. Being as I'm not super Tech savvy, it's been interesting! But I have to admit it's been FUN! And I thought to celebrate my little families tremendous run of awesomeness, I'd share one... or two! FREEBIES! WOO!

I can't wait till I get better! I also tried my hand at cupcake toppers! Just chose a random theme and went for it! HA! Gunna throw that out too! Maybe somebody'll get some use, yeah? ;)

Anyway, it's 2:30 in the A.M. So I'm going to force myself to finish this episode of Downton Abbey and then SLEEP! 


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