Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How-To: Part 2 of Digi-Scrappin' Awesomeness!

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Okay, So in our first tutorial I went over the different programs available, and as I am able to try out more, I'll update that so don't forget to check in and see what's new there!

Today we're going to talk about where to find papers and elements!

There are HUNDREDS of Digital Scrapbooking Resources! Kits, as they're called, are priced MUCH lower than their physical cousins. Where an average Paper Kit at say, WalMart is $10 and comes with 20 double sided 12x12 papers, a similar digital kit downloaded from a place like etsy would be about HALF that price the amount of times you use each paper is endless as well as the sizes you need it to be. And then there is the FREEBIES! Now, I myself am hoping to have severa freebies coming out soon! But there are TONSof placesacross the Web you can choose from!
You can find tons of Freebies across Blogland, and at specialized Websites. One such Site is Pixel Scrapper, my all-time FAVE place to be on the Web when it comes to this little obsession of mine! I'll be doing a Post devoted to them VERY soon! And I can't wait! Head on over and give it a peak!
There are tons of tutorial, downloads, Forum Posts...They have it all! 
And to get you started (and because it's Valentine's Day!), here's another Freebie to download!

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Get it HERE!

(P.S.- If anyone knows a better Download option, let me know, I'd really like something simpler for everyone!)

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