Saturday, February 1, 2014


Today, or rather yesterday as it's 2 am (CRAP! I need to get to sleep. *grumble grumble grumble*) Josh's Mom, Sister and Nephew came! It's his birthday surprise! I can't believe I actually kept a lid on it for 2 weeks! (Seriously though,I am a CONFIRMED BLABBERMOUTH, so this was a feat of epic proportions!)

The timing was a bit awkward as he had literally JUST WALKED IN THE DOOR when they knocked on it! But you should have seen his face light up with glee! <3 SO happy to see him happy.

More Blessing forthe Lyons'! Ahhh yeah!

Josh was offered a new job today at a new company! :D A few quick facts about the awesomeness of his new yob!

1. It's CLOSER to RHEMA! (Which mean I can move to Broken Arrow PRAISE GOD! This place is yuck *whine*)
2. He will be making twice as much pay as he is at the place he's been working! (Which is gravy as Broken Arrow is a bit more expensive rent-wise)
3. It's a job doing the exact thing he had been before we left Kansas, which he happened to LOVE! :D

I just wanna say thanks to everyone whose been sending up extra prayers for me and mine! <3 Hundred fold harvest comin' your way!

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