Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello World.

It feels like ages since, I've had the time, patience, or will to sit down and try to write an entry!


It's like coming home after a long absence, like waking up in sunshine in your favorite sheets. 

So here's a bit of an update!

We were offered an AMAZING oppurtunity for an adorable house IN Broken Arrow! After praying about it, we excitedly began packing! It's been a weird move but I am SOOOOO in love with my new little home! I can't wait to begin all of my lil projects to make it perfect!

new house, welcome home, home, house, lyons, blog, back, hello, excited,
The New Pad!
Isn't it just adorable! Cannot tell you how much I love living in Broken Arrow! This town in just the cutest thing, but not only that, it feels so peaceful. Not all that rushing, pressure, anxiety... everything is so laid back, calm and peaceful. The people are friendly and yards/houses are clean and inviting! Thank you Jesus!

We also had about 2 weeks straight of the Flu D: Let me tell you: AWFUL. Baby Z and the Hubs were blessed and missed out on the back and forth trade of grossness. But can I just say, even sick my kids are the cutest things ever.

the Princess
The Big Bro
Baby Z
I also had to deal with a broken laptop in the move. :( Which definitely hampered my writing the last few weeks. But the hubby blessed me with this super awesome touch screen! WHAT! That's right, TOUCH SCREEN. Be jealous!

hp, laptop, new, touchscreen, windows 8, intel, awesome, amazing, lyons, welcome home, back at it
My New Best Friend. (don't judge me!)
So, I now have no excuse not to be writing my lil heart out! And that is exactly what I plan on doing! Over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing some back log work, catching up on some things I've been trying to keep track of while I've been AWOL. :D I'm excited to share with you!

I'd also like to throw in a quick plug for PixelScrapper again! Since I've been without a laptop for the past few weeks I haven't been able to do any Scrapping, and thus my tut has been put on hold indefinitely. Hopefully in the next couple of months I'll be able to pick it back up. We'll see! But until then, Marisa over there at PS has TONS of tutorials, how-to's, videos and so much more!!

OKay, now let's talk about what's to come this summer here on Legendary Lyons!
  • A COMPLETE backyard MakeOver! (sets)
  • A Garage-to-Playroom/Craftroom Redesign (series)
  • How-to decorate on the cheap! (series)
  • Dresser Makeover
  • Romantic Master Bedroom Decor on a Budget!
  • TONS of "On the Grill" Recipes!
I cannot wait to get started! Is there anything you would like to see here at LL? We'd LOVE to hear about it, just leave me a lil comment and we'll see what we can do together!

Leaving you with Life:
baby z, zimri, joshua, hubby, husband, daddy, love, video game, gamer, halo 3, xbox 360
Hubs and Baby Z, she wouldn't let him put her down! She loves watching him move the controls! <3

husband and wife, husband, wife, silly, goofy, love, perfect, words, texting, win
It's how we roll.

Elvis, walmart, live at walmart, supercenter, shaking hips, singing, elvis presley
Elvis, alive and shaking it at the Broken Arrow WalMart!

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