Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Okay... so I know I said a couple weeks, but life here at the Lyons' household has been CRAZY!!
My parents came in or a visit, then the following week my mom came back with my Mema (not to be confused with grandma, she would be happy to inform you) for a few days. And then not long after they got home, Mema fell and broke her hip. She was in the hospital for awhile and then was released to a branch that specializes in physical therapy for 3 weeks. She was just released from there on Friday. So let's just say the past month has been pretty hectic and nerve wracking.

But my beautiful Mema, who would only allow one photo to be taken during this entire process (thanks, medication! ha!), is doing MUCH better! Thank you, Jesus! :D

So now it's almost time to get back to the ole' grind! I have a house that is in SERIOUS need of cleaning, and a list a mile long for us to do this summer! I'm so excited!!

Here's a bit of what you missed!

Exploring Main Street with the Fam!

<- Chocolate covered Marshmallows from the CUTEST chocolate shop!

           Uncle Shi and Baby Z, ->
go ahead and say it with me! Awww!


 Big girl Food!
Lots of it!

More Exploring!!

(Baby Z was napping) 

 Hospital Snacks!

Met Elvis!
But first! Lemme take a Selfie!
Disclaimer! I hate that song!


Camp Out!

Lost TWO teeth!

I'm so glad you stopped by! I can't wait to get on a better schedule! See you soon!

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