About Me

Hi! I'm Lorey!
I'm a married momma in my mid-20's.

I love pretty much anything crafty and/or covered in glitter.
I also love anything food related! Cooking it, Baking it, & Eating it!
Digital Scrapbooking is my newest obsession and I just started a Twitter. (See, I'm cool!)
By the way, PINTEREST! Right?

I'm married to this guy:

His name is Josh, he's pretty much amazing (and sexy, right? Oh yeah)! He's my Blessing. He has a heart for Jesus and a humor matching only mine! Perfection <3

Together we made these:

The oldest is a boy, Janzen who is 6 now! Here's what he has to say for himself:

"Well, I don't know. I like robots and rocket ships that go to space. And aliens too. And football (by football he means any sport that has a ball). I like games too, Mom."
The middle girl is Crimson, she's 5 and definatly a diva! She says:
"Can we make cookies? I like baby alive, and princesses with castles."

Zimri is our youngest, she was born Aug 29th. She is so awesome! I LOVE BABIES! AHHH!
She says: Well, nothing. She's sleeping, and she can't talk yet anyway.

So that's me, and mine, and I am so glad you're here to meet us! Stay Awhile, follow me! Let's be Chums!


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